About Us

SWT, or Sistas Who Tan, was created out of the sheer love our owner has for soaking up the sun. Typically, it is "taboo" for African-Americans to enjoy sun bathing. But here at SWT, we aim to create a SISTAhood for those like our owner and provide a one-stop shopping experience for all. 

When you choose to support SWT and businesses like us, you are saying goodbye to mass produced chemical filled goods and slave labor, and saying hello to high-quality, ethically made, non-toxic products made to order just for YOU. Your investment (yes, investment) contributes to help this small Black owned and ethical eco-friendly businesses thrive, grow, and expand while helping you to reduce your carbon footprint and bring back sustainable fashion. 

Whether it be the pool or the beach, Sistas Who Tan has got what you need!

  • How Does 'Made to Order' Work?

    'Made to Order' means that each piece (swimsuits, hats, etc.) is custom made to fit you. They are carefully hand sewn, by our manufacturer, of the best quality!

  • Do We Do Restocks?

    So, as of right now we are not planning on restocking items. Items will be available for pre-sale for a limited time. Once the pre-sale ends, those styles are more than likely not coming back - so if you see something you like, I'd snatch it up if I was you.

  • How Long Does Shipping Take?

    Shipping times vary, but because our pieces are made to order, production times can take anywhere between 3 to 4 weeks (not including weekends and holidays). If waiting or being patient isn't your strong suit, SWT may not be for you.

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Welcome to the SISTAhood!